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I am a true Island Girl. I was born and grew up in an island paradise of Sibuyan, Romblon, Philippines. I am a Registered Nurse by profession but I want  to learn more about life through seeing the world other than mine. I love outdoor life because it’s never boring. Now i am an Island Girl Traveller 🙂
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Sibuyan /siːbuˈjɑːn/ is a crescent-shaped island of Romblon Province, Philippines. Located in the  Sibuyan Sea, it has an area of 445 square kilometres (172 sq mi). The island has two prominent peaks, Mount Guiting-Guiting with a height of 2,058 metres (6,752 ft) and Mount Nailog with a height of 789 metres (2,589 ft). The people speak the Sibuyanon dialect of Romblomanon, a Visayan language.

Island girl

Altan ~ Island Girl

With a wave of her hand and her sparkling eye

My island girl bid me good-bye

For another dream in another time
For another life under another sky
But don’t just cut off your heart, keep it open and sure

Keep it free from hurt and keep an open door And let the spirit of love that united our soul Be a gentle dove and guide you to your goal And I’ll go to that stream and I’ll sing my own prayer That my island girl shall be safe everywhere

I remember how happy I was when I first took a boat ride going to the city and went to college. I told myself “Yes, at last, I’ll say goodbye to this place”. I have had enough of the beach, of the lake, falls, rivers, people, etc… But you’ll never guess how I truly regret leaving this paradise when I saw how depressing it was living in the city and I wanted to go back, I miss being an Island Girl, if not only because of my studies so I needed to stay.

Island Girl


Island Girl by Altan



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