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7 Places to Visit In & Around Delhi

 7 Places to Visit In & Around Delhi Delhi often gets mistaken as just being a fast paced metropolitan city. In reality, Delhi has got a rich historical side attached to it. The spellbinding mosques, ancient forts and monuments make Delhi an extremely important destination from a traveller’s perspective. Delhi is the only city in India that stands as a collective symbol of the British Empire as well as the Mughal Empire who ruled the country for more than 200 years. Spread across two parts namely Old Delhi and New Delhi, every corner of this city is worth visiting....

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Things to do in Labo, Camarines Norte

 5 Things to do in Labo, Camarines Norte This weeks Featured Blogger  is Deanna from the Bicol Region of the Philippines. Deanna writes about some things to do in Labo, Camarines Norte when you visit the small town. The town of Labo is not as popular as its neighboring town, Daet, which usually serves as the jump-off point when visiting the picturesque Calaguas Island. Being landlocked on all sides, it does not boast of beaches which are often the driving force for tourism. Due to the lesser number of people who visit this area, tourism is not as fully...

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How to Fund Your Big Adventure

This week our Featured Blogger is Jess Signet who writes at Tripelio. Jess will give us some fantastic tips for financing our travels   How to Fund Your Big Adventure The biggest part of any trip is, unfortunately, the money. As much as we’d all love for travel to just be about the unforgettable experiences and amazing adventures, if you can’t find the money to fund it, then it’s very likely that it’s not going to happen. Fortunately, there are many ways to find the cash for your trip, and once you’ve determined a budget—e.g. how much you’re going to...

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7 Tips for Women on the Road

It might be the 21st century, but I still hear some women being afraid to travel due to various concerns, ranging from cost to safety. But having been to a number of destinations inside and outside the Philippines, I can safely say that any girl can overcome those fears and challenges as long as they prepare.

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A Wish

Female bird: I wish this moment will last forever. Male bird: That won’t happen. *sigh Female bird: I know. Let’s live for a moment. You won’t forget me, will you? Male bird: Never babe… Female bird: I love you...

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