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How to Fund Your Big Adventure

This week our Featured Blogger is Jess Signet who writes at Tripelio. Jess will give us some fantastic tips for financing our travels   How to Fund Your Big Adventure The biggest part of any trip is, unfortunately, the money. As much as we’d all love for travel to just be about the unforgettable experiences and amazing adventures, if you can’t find the money to fund it, then it’s very likely that it’s not going to happen. Fortunately, there are many ways to find the cash for your trip, and once you’ve determined a budget—e.g. how much you’re going to...

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A Wish

Female bird: I wish this moment will last forever. Male bird: That won’t happen. *sigh Female bird: I know. Let’s live for a moment. You won’t forget me, will you? Male bird: Never babe… Female bird: I love you...

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Dream of an Island Girl

You often mistook her simple charm ’cause you chase for some preppy girls wearing some delicate satin. I wonder if you’re just trying to impress her by your obnoxious patience and well behaved manner. You tried your best but it ain’t enough. I know and I can’t blame you, she’s your dream girl. The only thing that you can boast in front of your friends. However, there are simple girls wearing faded jeans and small backpacks out there. Their faces are buried with dirt because that’s how they live life: real and joyous. If you meet her, just be yourself and don’t lie to her because she has a vulnerable heart and once you break it, there can never be another girl like her.  They are Simple but Witty Maybe a little demure, Island Girls are street wise brought about by exposure to a simple lifestyle. But she is enjoying life to the fullest, and more content with being the simplest girl and will never trade it with anything in the modern world.   You Enjoy the Adventures More Island Girls will bring you back to nature. Some sound of crickets, humming of the birds, fresh air and some nice islands and plunging into the waterfalls. Unlike city girls who might like nature but not that long enough, they often resort to endless shopping.     Save Money and Time...

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Backpackers on the Road

Backpackers on the Road If travelling is a luxury, I should have had a Queen’s hat and a suitcase, stayed in luxury hotels and eaten breakfast on buffet tables, smiled superficially to other people I shouldn’t wished to see. So the workers smile profusely in fear so that they won’t  get fired. Shouldn’t it be because of status nor race. Surely, it is because of fears and dilemma.   If a poor island girl from Philippines could travel the world, wouldn’t it be  a great blast? Sadly, a misconception continues to arise, that only these Western people could afford it. As a result, it is only them I encounter on the road, several times, once twice, who knows. Or is it because of the mindset? When I am in a backpacker place, they are curious about my race. The last thing they thought about is that I am a Filipino. The servers smirking at me. Amazing! They couldn’t believe that I travel!? Meeting unique personalities on the road is crazy, squeezing your brain but giving you the real essence of travelling that you are exposed to the real world. It can be tough or smooth. Being in some primitive situations isn’t  really appealing to everyone. It’s something that could bring back a real bliss and happiness, and I’m pretty sure only those backpackers who can’t settle to be secured in...

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