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Dream of an Island Girl

You often mistook her simple charm ’cause you chase for some preppy girls wearing some delicate satin. I wonder if you’re just trying to impress her by your obnoxious patience and well behaved manner. You tried your...

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Backpackers on the Road

Backpackers on the Road If travelling is a luxury, I should have had a Queen’s hat and a suitcase, stayed in luxury hotels and eaten breakfast on buffet tables, smiled superficially to other people I shouldn’t wished...

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Sometimes I wish I never grew old

  When I was young, I lived life to the fullest. I might not so lucky to have everything in life especially those fancy clothes and toys and fried chicken or hotdogs as other kids had. I lived my life to the fullest as I...

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I Bade Goodbye to my Sarong

  “Some good things never last”. My heart was full of sorrow as I gave one last glimpse on my 7 months old sarong since I bought it in Boracay Island. It is one of my important travel buddies. It’s orange color gives it a...

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My Passion, My Reason, My Life

My relatives said I should get a good job, Time is fleeting, I’m getting old. I told them, ” I’m travelling, that’s my career now” 🙂 I belong in a poor family, to begin with. I wanted to either join...

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Dear Traveller

  Dear Traveller, Long before our path have crossed, I dreamt about this moment. In my heart I hid the desire to reach what you’ve reached. Dear traveller, I know you were once like me, a young hearted soft person who...

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Drifted Away

Born on different Eras. Raised in different cultures, language and class, has opposite colors, religion and beliefs. Shared the same passion, the same soul, the same energy, the same direction….   Someone from West...

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