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Authentic Thai Restaurant in Saipan, NMI

One time, I saw a sign across the road, opposite of Marianas Medical Clinic, a ” Thai Restaurant”, it felt intriguing somehow, after I have tried few Thai Restaurants in Manila, I thought I couldn’t try a real Thai food outside Thailand. It proved me wrong. Somewhere in the islands of Northern Mariana somehow a kind of real Thai cuisine and spirit.   Oh yeah! $9.95 here would do that. First I was the “Buena Mano” customer as I would say it was an “honor” to start a brand new business day. Just a special day for me, I was welcomed with Thai music on the air!!! It felt like Thailand once more…Just a little sound of a homecoming isn’t it!? I saw once again some Buddhas painted on the walls, an ever treasured portrait of the Thai’s King and Queen and a photo of Wat Arun Temple. As I stand before these figures, I felt warmth and a little pride about myself, “Oh I was here!” Finally, the Buffet table was ready and “Brunch” is served!!! I am not really keen about the names if the food but I was pretty sure I have tried them before. Great food once again! A real taste of Thailand. The server asked me if the food was good. I said “Aloy!” To my surprise she and all the staff are Thais!...

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A Typical Storm Hits Tinian Island

Tinian Island. I bet I have found a great paradise, if only I was meant to only travel. Yet living a normal life ain’t that easy. After having found out this tiny paradise have so much struggles to offer, well, a man-made one. A real strike of a super typhoon in your life that could cause an enormous aftermath. Gossips never get tired of talking, in fact, they’re working overtime. For who can resist this place’ breathtaking beauty and a content life here. Enough to keep me going. But there’s always an antagonist amid your harmonious surroundings, you know. Reaching beyond the point of….exhilaration!   Well? What should I say? Despite the odds, my  mind is telling me…… A purest love to take and a life to give. Though, it’s draining my energy, keeps me losing my balance, and at all times makes me think how long could I still endure…..for I might think about moving to a brand new horizon the next coming days!  ...

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The Rain in Cambodia

Rain in Cambodia is bittersweet. However, it’s kind of  ‘special’, literally dripping only on constant afternoons. A heavy downpour that only wipes out the dark clouds after which the unbearable heat of the sun takes place again. I write about the rain with a little not- a literal- rain. For me, rain has a gentle meaning. This rain is sweet like ice cream. A moment when you feel like you wanted to dance and catch some raindrops. This is me, taking refuge on a small local store. This teeny tiny raindrops lasted for a longtime. So spending more time on temples are paid off. Let me tell you, I got a warm kiss from the rain!!!! This makes me smile, why? This is a genuine friendship, one of a kind picture of an enjoyable trip of a lifetime, under the rain. Yet I cannot tell more of it……. This rain tells me, “The road is boundless, just keep on pedaling”. And the rain continues…. Sometimes, the rain tastes bitter… But oftentimes rain makes me hungry of sticky rice and fresh baguettes… Whatever it is, a Cambodian journey is a breath of fresh air: rain or shine!...

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Tinian Island- My Home in the U.S.

Tinian my New Home. There is no place like home. When I think about Sibuyan Island, I think about my home. Yet, change is vital for some reasons that I had to leave my island. And so making my home now is where my heart is. Since I miss Sibuyan, I am fortunate to find just a unique island in the Pacific. A place where I can work, I can play, and a  place where I can still call myself an Island Girl. Hence, I have found a home in the paradise of Northern Mariana Islands. “Taga Beach”  It pretty sounds like a little homecoming. A fertile land, friendly locals, and rich marine resources. A tiny paradise that is so vulnerable to change. I hope Tinian Island will forever remain as it is right now; quiet, secluded, fertile, unspoiled and incredibly beautiful. “Camer Beach”  Arrived here a couple weeks ago. Though getting here might as well sound as controversial as how I left my island in the Philippines, the more important thing is I finally got here. I rose hopes for my Indian trip dreams however, up until now, I haven’t started intervening on that dream. I have found at least a place to live for a while. Amazing Rock formations past Taga Beach I guess, I became more alive here. There is an indescribable feeling of joy I felt...

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Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands

Well I think I’ve found my place on earth…. Tinian, a paradise in the pacific! Landed on a pretty, unique and historical island in the Pacific, the Northern Mariana Islands belonging in the US territory. Currently, I am on a tiny island called Tinian, a place where the Legendary giant man named “Taga” lived. It played a major role during the World War II, the Northern Mariana Islands served as Japanese military base and developed Tinian Island into a developed town. Their approach to converting this pretty island into a modernized city vanished as Americans have won the battle for these group of islands following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan was the start of the fall of Japanese regimen in the Pacific coast. These bombs who killed lives and dreams, were assembled here on Tinian Island. Now nothing has left in Tinian island but ruins, memories and history.   Except for its charm is something that remains for a lifetime. I think it is a paradise for me, rich marine resources, fertile land, fresh air and under populated friendly place. Though a very secluded far from partying cities, Tinian island is a place to live a peaceful life. As everyone gets what they want. America has never forsaken the Marianas in fact the federal law took over the Commonwealth of NMI that gave a hope for...

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