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The cheap resort accommodation in Isla de Gigantes. 200/ night. Feel at home while on this fresh breezy air of the island paradise of Isla de Gigantes. ISLA DE GIGANTES HIDEAWAY TOURIST RESORT is one alive, and still kicking resort that operates well in the Gigantes Norte, a haven for endearing visiotrs who wish for an couple of islands getaway.

Here are some tips and facts on staying on this resort.


The rate would be 200/ night. Excluding the meals of course. (Don’t be abusive). They have these native nipa huts that are so comfortable and cozy. It is so clean and guess what, the bathroom would be decorated with, oh don’t get surprised, of course of scallops shell. The island is well- known of undying supply of fresh scallops. It’s pretty enough because the shells come with different styles or colors. To add on its “coziness”, the huts are surrounded by some plants and trees that ads up on its fresh air thats coming from the ocean and the green bermuda grass would just be enough reason to give a sort of “relaxation. More even so, at night time, when everyone sleeps at seven and the fireflies are coming to lit the surroundings. They have a mini pool for kids and near the dining area is the “tree house” about 30 meters off the ground is another room. If you’d wish to stay in there, it is overlooking the ocean, a glimpse of its neighboring islet.

The Isla Gigantes


Electricity and Phone Signal

It’s not a wonder. So basically, you have to keep all your sentiments by yourself while in the island. The electric supply starts at 6 in the afternoon until 11 in the evening. Starting 11 in the evening, the resort generator takes over, that would only last until 6 in the morning. So charge your gadgets until the last blink of the lights. Oh and so to speak about gadget, your phone would be of no use. The phone signal is down to zero. If you really can’t wait until you get back to civilization, ask the ‘habal-habal” drivers to take you to the “call center area” where you can catch a better phone signal (20 pesos, back and forth).

Isla de Gigantes Resort

Water Supply

Particularly called as Baranggay “Asluman”. It was named so because of the sour taste of the water there. But its proven to be a mineral water that comes from the spring and is safe to drink, straight from the faucet. If you can’t stand the taste better bring your own all the way from Estancia, otherwise, you need tp put up with it. But water there is definitely safe and okay.


It is the most famous resort operating on the Isla De Gigantes Norte. It’s rooms are made up of light and native materials which makes it more likely a (home)stay away from your own home. It is clean and well-maintained. With clean and spacious restroom inside, decorated with scallop shells on its walls.


Amazingly, food comes with a bunch. It was like “overflowing seafoods on the table”. The price? Its basically the original price from the market. I don’t know how the resort makes money out

of their business even. They are so generous? Well, on the latter part, you’d know. They’d only ask for a a generous “kitchen charge”.  You think it’s an easy task? Ha! They deserve a huge compensation for a job well done. Food was goooood!!!


Since it is an island far from civilization, the resort prepares food based on your own request. Most probably scallops, crabs and fish based on what is availale in the kitchen. You can have meat if you want. They will ask you what do you want them to prepare anyway.

The resort don’t charge the guests that much. Surprisingly, the price of the food is based from the original price from the market. Say, the crabs are 180 per kilo, and you want them to prepare half a kilo, they will only charge you 90 pesos for that and they will prepare it for you.

The food they prepare are fresh from the sea. They did not undergo refrigeration because of limited power supply in the island, aside from that, this island is amazingly rich in marine resources.

It’s best to bring your own fruits because the resort sometimes runs out supplies in their kitchen. Just like these Koreans and Filipinos who gave me some slice of their fruits.

This room you can request from Joel, is near this mini pool and is really great to occupy once vacant.

Or this tree house. It is also 200/ per night per person. Here you can have a view of the beach. It is also breezy inside here and colder at night.

Isla de Gigantes Resort

Their room is the coziest among the island resorts I have been. They have tiny rooms that could only fit you and your friend. This room is good for two people, those who are with groups, they also have room for 4 people or more. You can see, only basics they have, but most of all, they provide net for mosquitoes.

Isla de Gigantes Resort

Look at their cute bathroom. Yes, every room has it’s own bathroom. And water is splashing out from the faucet, and the staff said, it is safe for drinking! I like this shell design. It makes the resort even more prettier!

Here comes the truth:

You pay for the original prize of the food from the market or you bring your own fresh food, and the staff prepares it for you. Upon checking out, there is a portion of paying a kitchen charge. It is not a compulsory nor they ask for a certain fee but really, you will be happy of their great services. And how much you want to give? IT IS UP TO YOU. Also they are providing each groups their own guide on their entire stay who will look after the group’s needs. Guests are really pampered in short! So upon checking out, this guide just deserves some love. And again,  IT IS UP TO YOU HOW MUCH.

Enjoy Isla de Gigantes and Please give my best regards to Elmer, our kind guide!


How to get to Isle de Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Resort:

How to get to Isla de Gigantes

Contact Details of Isla de Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Resort

Mr. Joel B. Decano

Tourism Officer/ Owner of the Resort

Mobile: +639184685006/ +639155796612/+639479954296


Facebook: Isla Gigantes

Adress: A. Betita Avenue Carles, Iloilo 5019 Philippines