Day 21: Biking up Dumaguete’s Pride: Twin Lake

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

Christopher McCandless

Okay. “Happiness is real when shared”, McCandless said. And sort of “budgetwise” as well, I shared the cost with a (handsome) Swedish guy to drive along the steeps of the hills up up and away going to the Twin Lake, the famous 2 wide lakes North? of Dumaguete City

Hiring a motorbike for 300 a day is the best option if you want to see the famous twin lake. Really tiring but really, it’s worth everything!

Twin Lake Dumaguete

Almost an hour before surpassing the paved and unpaved roads, we arrived in twin lakes. There was entrance fee of 10 pesos and foreigners pay 100. When we got there, It was a real blast, but staring at the wide body of water behind these mountains is totally relaxing and other than that, we could do nothing. The kayak and boating will be another expenses.

Twin Lake Dumaguete

The zigzag and narrow steep roads paid more even better to our lost souls. It has been a joyous ride with the fertile land and green surroundings, overlooking the wide ocean and Dumaguete’s neighbouring islands, a glimpse offshore of Siquijor and Apo Island,

Twin lake

The bumpy ride almost lasted a few mintue in some random parts but, it didn’t deter us from keep on going. The roads were empty most of the time. Local houses are also few, the main reason is the lack of transportation that you need to hire a habal habal to take you to the city and back for a hundred peso.

Twin Lake Dumaguete

Literally, Twin Lake was named so because of its 2 vast lakes approximately 300 meters apart, in addition to that, my right leg is badly burnt from the bike. But the journey doesn’t end at the first lake yet. Getting to the next lake wasn’t that easy. You have to climb up the steep stairs and hike a little bit. It lasted about half an hour and you’d surely sweat!

Twin Lake Dumaguete

Twin Lake Dumaguete

The irony of it is the opposite of the hustle and bustle downtown, the upper part of Dumaguete is a virgin forest. All you can hear is the loud humming sound of crickets and birds. And the air is so cool! Different colors of butterflies around us, like asking me to take a photo of them.

Twin Lake Dumaguete

Moreover, it can be a sacred place for sorting out your burdens in life. The tranquil water where you can see the reflection of your own self. Definitely not a touristy place, the locals here gather to catch some fish using their hooks, using the worms as a bait. So primitive isn’t it?

Twin Lake Dumageute

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