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Dear Traveller,

Long before our path have crossed, I dreamt about this moment. In my heart I hid the desire to reach what you’ve reached. Dear traveller, I know you were once like me, a young hearted soft person who was full of dreams and emotions. But now, you became an expert of your own. I so admire you. One day, I may be able to follow your footsteps. My dear traveller, now that I have met you, my life has changed so suddenly. I am now convinced that I am capable to go beyond what I thought I could possibly achieve.

I am so happy. You are simply a dream come true. I always have the desire to always look at you and watch you dive into the waterfalls and climb the highest hill. I often wonder and ask myself those questions that I know just make my life overanalyzed and more complicated. I know there will come in some point of my life that I can truly understand those “why” questions.

Dear traveller, my heart is filled with so much pain to watch us go on our separate ways and to see each other again in uncertainty. We travelled so far and drifted away together, miles and miles away. There is always one drop of sorrow, kept on falling one by one everytime I think about those long forgotten times. I couldn’t do anything but close my eyes.


Life has its own course, you know it very well. I couldn’t watch you go but I would say you should go and please make it quick. And so, I am not be able to hold you back, because you know very well that I might do that. Please go while I close my eyes. So you wont be able to see those tears. Our time wasn’t so right and I blame myself.

Dear traveller those sweet times I always appreciated and retained in my memory. You know how I feel for you, you know me inside and out. My dear traveller, please go…before another sunrise and another sunset. Please go…. while I can still bear the pain of letting you go. It might be best to leave things unsaid and undone. My heart is filled with so much pain. But you should go…and please take my love with you….because it will never be the same without you….

From your Island Girl