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There can never be any other unique land other than Sagada ……….!

I still joined Mariel and Zyx on their journey to Sagada. Still in day 47, so, all the way from Banaue, this whole day long will be spent venturing this unique town of Mountain province.

Rice Terraces Sagada, Mt. Province

Rice Terraces in Sagada

It was even colder and darker here than in Banaue. So, after we checked in in a cheap hostel, we went straight to explore this place. It was all mixed of emotions, hence I didn’t have any idea about this place nor planned ahead about this trip. All I wanted was to be in another horizon.

Sagada, Mt. Province

The Sagada Town Capital

I entrust my fate today with Mariel and Zyx’s itinerary. At first, it felt so strange being here. People seemed to be more serious than in other places I’ve been specially in Visayas. But given this place is different and unique, all I had to do was to respect and embrace such indifferences. We wasted no time..

Sagada, Mt. Province

Their 2 storey market.

Such a basic life they have here. Stores are closing during midday. And the market begins to get empty as the sun goes down. There’s almost nothing to buy in the market for our lunch.

Sagada, Mt. Province

Walking to the Sumaging Cave

Now our aim was to walk to the trail of Sumagin Cave. And it was full of surprises. I mean, me, I was surprised. First, I was tongue tied with the stunning panoramic view of the Rice terraces just along the roads heading to the cave.

Sagada, Mt. Province

On our way to the Hanging Coffins

Then on our way, I saw some locals and tried to throw a smile but they’re just timid…..oh, something like different from a warm Visayan smile.  Nevertheless, I just continued my journey…caving baby!

hanging coffins Sagada, Mt. Province

The hanging coffins

This is the second surprise, I had no idea that I was seeing some hanging coffins. Honestly, it scares me! I wasn’t prepared to see some old hanging coffins for real! Yet then, I had to put up with it. Not doing my homework simply means an exciting adventure. (At least for now).

Rice Terraces Sagada, Mt. Province

Sagada Rice Terraces

Look how beautiful it is!!! Although I have seen a lot of rice terraces in Banaue, Ifugao, here is just another unique one which does not boast some huge mountains, it’s diagonal shape that forms like a mosaic is just simply amazing!!!

Inside the Sumagin Cave Sagada, Mt. Province

Inside the Sumagin Cave

When we arrived in Sumagin cave, it was about 2 hours of scary, cold, and exhalirating journey until we reached the very heart of the cave boasting lots of majestic views and you will never expect such fountains, waterfalls and stone formations!!! Just unbelievable…**Speechless. The local guide said that every rock formation represents a story of a man and a woman and all that.  For me, it would still be a wonder. So mysterious in a way.

Sumagin Cave Sagada, Mt. Province

Amazing rock formations and waterfalls inside the Sumagin Cave

Despite the relentless story telling, I preferred not to dig deeper. It felt so strange to be in there. For the first time I had some fears as it is water around us and it is almost 2 hours of difficult trek inside and outside the cave. (Funny but I was a bit scared). Hence, in the entrance we were welcomed by the stone coffins of the ancient people of Mt. Province….

Stone coffins Sagada, Mt. Province

The stone coffins