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There is an on going updates among the leading internet providers in Sibuyan aiming to improve more the internet access in the island. But frankly speaking, the only one who could provide a better access to the internet is the Globe/TM  network provider. It had built more and more satellite sites around the island which strengthened the signal even more and still improving, except for some remote areas and far flung Baranggays.



When I had my globe stick to use in Sibuyan for the first time, I couldn’t get any signal on my laptop but the internet works on my phone!  It felt frustrating. But I found out, trouble shooting is just easy. If ever someone would encounter the same problem, I’d like to share what the Globe customer service representative had taught me:

  1. Insert the stick on your computer.
  2. Once the Home page of your Tattoo stick pops out, hit the “tools” button in the left upper corner of the home page.
  3. Then, between the “diagnostic”, “options”, and “PIN operation” buttons, click  on “option” button.
  4. Another page would pop out, on the left side, click on “Network”
  5. Then, you need to select a network type into “ 3G Preferred”. Hit “apply” and “ok”

Once a signal bar appears on the right lower side of the screen, it’s ready for use! However, chasing for the ‘best’  internet connection in the island is a hard struggle. It is  If you are aiming for the best time to connect, it will always be past midnight or early in the morning.

In some remote areas like far flung Barangays, there is a weaker signal  therefore, you get a skimpy chance to connect to internet as well. There are few internet café in each 3 towns and mostly are flooded with teenage locals. Rate is 30 pesos/ hour.