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When trips to island are mostly by groups to save money. However, going solo is more fun, self reliant decision and cheapest. It’s hassle free. But you need to save up to the last centavo so you can continue your trip further. These are some tips on how to save money and venture the islands in Northern Luzon. Included here are the tips so you can travel/ backpack cheap to Potipot Island; boatrides, bus rides and the entrance fees you would spend (based on my experience).

How to Get to Potipot Island

From Cubao, Manila, catch a bus to Iba. The jump off area is the Iba proper, then there are buses to “Sta. Cruz” that passes by Uangco, the jump off area to Potipot. Ride a Trike gong inside the narrow backstreet where you can find the locals who own the boats that could take you to Potipot for no longer than 10 minutes.

I will give you the ideas on how to save money/backpack cheaply to Potipot Island. So you can extend your trip to snake Island and Crocodile Island.

1. Only ride the bus or jeepneys. Hiring tricycles are always expensive.

2. Wait for some people who will also visit Potipot, if not, just ask the boatman you will pay half (200 pesos). Just take you to the island one way.

3. Going back to the mainland, ambush some rides with the fishermen or boatmen.

4. Say, you’re only backpacking, you’re not a tourist to the boat owner.  So you can bargain the price. ( Besides, going to Potipot island does not take longer than 10 minutes). Do the same upon entering the island. I know this isn’t an excuse but it helps them understand that you aren’t a tourist but a backpacker. That really makes a difference.

5. Be kind to the caretakers. They can even give you a ride back to the mainland. Discount for the entrance.

Potipot Island, Zambales

Camping on the beach

I think it’s a perfect thing to set a tent on the white sand beach, under the shade of huge trees, a bone fire and some starry nights will do!!!! They have restrooms and a water pump so no problem for campers. ^_^

Potipot Island, Zambales

Food and Drinking Water

You should buy food and water before heading to Potipot. There is nothing that you could buy in the island. The water from the pump has a taste so, for those who are not used to it, couldn’t drink it. During weekends, there are some beverages and liquors that they sell but not on weekdays.

Potipot Island, Zambales