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I mainly blog about the place i live and grew up which is Sibuyan Island. Now and again i travel around the Philippines marvelling and wondering at our beautiful country. There really is so much to see and impossible to do it alone.

Thanks to our fantastic blogging community we and others can travel too without leaving our homes. So where do I, an Island Girl, begin to make a list of 15 travel related Filipino blogs.

I read many. Some more than others. Everyday i discover new blogs through our PTB group. It’s so hard to reduce them all to just 15 but this is one of the criteria for participation in the vote for the best of 2013.

So after much thought i have come up with a list……. and it is in no special order…………


Love Mindanao

Solitary Wanderer

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

We are Sole Sisters

Sole of Missy

Journeying James

Traveling Morion

Chasing Philippines

Pinoy AdvenTurista

Just Wandering

The Poor Traveler

Lay Over to Life

Pinoy Wandering Boy

Journeying Pinay






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