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Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort is 1.5 km from the jump off junction. 3km from the town of Irosin.

The roads were rough off the mainroad.

Mateo Hot and cold Spring Resort is Located in San Benon Monbon, Irosin, Sorsogon. With luke warm, warm water. It was my first time to soak my body in a warm pool. It was an awesome experience. You feel relaxed and muscle strains are gone which i needed after my travelling here.

mateo hot and cold spring resort  

10 years ago, my brother and sister in faith who became my second parents were assigned in Irosin. Now  on my 100 day Philippine road trip I had the chance to visit them in their beautiful hot spring resort. It is a natural spring coming from the stream from Mt. Bulusan. The temperature of the water exceeds 40 degress.

After a long weekdays of work, the Bicolano’s come to visit this relaxing and quiet place to unwind and release some tensions. Warm water can also be a source of sort of “massage” and can promote a good circulation of the blood.

mateo hot and cold spring resort

We went around 3PM, took a tricyle from the town proper and it was like 10 minute ride until we reached the hot spring. By the time that we arrived people were starting to leavethe resort which was good on our advantage. Needless to say, both of the pools were almost empty of locals.


mateo hot and cold spring resort


The place is well-maintained, surrounded by different flowers and orchids. Shower rooms are also provided. The safety of the guests is the priority. Best suited for family picnics and get together. Every weekends, this is full of locals coming from whole province of Sorsogon. This is so popular for Bicolano’s, so might as well go on weekdays if you want to escape from the crowd.


mateo hot and cold spring resort

The huge trees that give shade around the area are kept as well to preserve the uniqueness of the place. Morever, it remains underdeveloped which makes it more appealing to those who want to spend their vacation in a quiet and secluded place  like this.

mateo hot and cold spring resort




The Pool is Divided into Luke Warm, Hot and Cold



mateo hot and cold spring resort


The steam can be seen by naked eyes. It’s coming straight from the pool. I thought I was going to break the lens of my camera (haha, I was over reacting). But its true, it was like a real steam coming from boiling water. And it feels hot standing just in front of the pool. This warm water comes from underneath the spring. It was just made into a pool but it’s so natural.

mateo hot and cold spring resort

It was my first time to experience a hot spring. I couldn’t help but scream like a child. Yeah, it was like a hot shower! The water was so crystal clear. This is all what I need after almost 16 hours on the night bus. My back is hurting. Just happened, my friend lives near this place. I was lucky!



mateo hot and cold spring resort


There is also a cold pool…which is intended for children and those who prefer a cool water. The clear cold spring water was so good to enjoy too. Water is up to chest level only.


mateo hot and cold spring resort

The hottest area of the pool which I think can reach up to 40 degrees. I soak my hands and couldn’t stand the hot temperature. It can burn! So this is an off limit area for children. Maybe we can boil eggs on this pool! (Hard boiled probably).



mateo hot and cold spring resort


Entrance: 35- 40/adult


Cottage/ Table: 50- 1,000

Lodging: 400- 2, 200

It is open until 12MN and 11:00pm  during weekdays

Contact Numbers:  0948-1370098



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How to get to Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort Irosin:

Bus from Cubao, Manila bound for Sorsogon which passes by Irosin town. Get off in Irosin and ride a tricycle going to Mateo Hot and Cold Spring (3km). Or just walk from Irosin town until you reach Brgy Monbon (2.5 km), there’s a junction going inside Sitio San Benon (1.5 km) where it is located.