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“Hey, can I have that last slice of your pizza? He glazed at the thin crust pizza on my plate and added, “You know, I might look slim but I’m a big eater”. Straightforward, isn’t it. I smiled back at this bubbly Australian guy on his late 50’s. He had a last request, pouting over the chili I hadn’t eaten, wowo! I love it. Nice try! That’s a real traveler you know.

Okay, for girls who are aiming to travel long term. Your goal is not to spend that much. Here are some ways your mom won’t admonish you.

Cresta de Gallo, Sibuyan Island

Fun at Cresta de Gallo

First, Don’t be Shy Girl is the First Rule.

Just be yourself: honest, friendly, confident.

#1:  Sit in a bunch of Travellers when eating

Wait for them to order food. While they are waiting, get to know them. Smile confidently and offer a sincere friendship. Be creative. Once their order arrives, you know they will share it to you, or if it doesn’t work, promise you can still join their dessert.


Toploading the Bus in Bohol

#2:  Hitchike

Ambush some rides. Mostly groups have their own cars, or they go island hopping with the group, you can ask if you can hop in or join them and share a cost. Often than not, they might spare you from paying.

“As far as you go”. Pointing your right thumb up towards the Fruit and Vegetable / Coca- cola Truck dealers or any vehicle you think has the potential to give you a lift.

Bulusan Sorsogon

Getting lost in Bulusan Sorsogon

#3: Introduce Yourself as a Backpacker

Mostly, hostels and guesthouses are family run, oftentimes, you can negotiate the price with the owner. Seldom are people travelling solo. They might wonder, get ahead their heads and tell that you’re on a tight budget and looking for the best deal.

Manila ( MAkati Bar)

Crashing in a  Bar in Makati

#4: How to get some Free Drinks

Sit on a vacant table and scan the pages of the menu list. If you’re lucky that other backpackers or strangers join your table, 80% sure, they pay for you. But set limits. If things gone wrong. Say “excuse me, I’ll just use the restroom”. Weigh wether it’s worth coming back, or flee.

#5: Get some Free meal by Free Samples

Go to some vendors that give free taste. You’ll get simply full from eating a variety of free taste food.

Ticao Island, Masbate

Free Ride in Ticao Island, Masbate

#6: How to get a free boat ride

Join some local fishermen who are going to the island you’re heading. On the way back, join the local tourists. Or join a group in island hopping and snorkeling and offer a share, if they don’t accept it, sincerely thank them. Don’t offer it again.

 Madridejos Bantayan Island Cebu

Camping on Bantayan Island, Cebu

#7: How to get a free accomodation

Doing homestays aren’t that easy, but once you built a rapport with locals, you almost have everything for free, guide, food and place to stay. Ask a family if it’s okay to stay with them overnight, you want to experience their life—a day in a life experience. Pay them back with a good friendship and by not being a burden with them.

Camp on the beach near the local houses or cottages. Or you can sleep on the bus terminal station near the guards.

Tagbilaran, Bohol

#8: Don’t be choosy

Some rides that you need to top load, the drivers give it for free. Last serve of food and fruits might be half the price.

#9: Cooling yourself down while Surfing the internet for Free

Get A/C and WiFi access in coffee shops and Mcdonalds. You can say “Hi, can I ask a glass of water with some ice on it”. Smile. Aside from free A/C and wifi, you can also use their restrooms and refill your bottle of water. Okay, if you can’t take it, you feel shy at last, order the cheapest fries but eat it slowly until you decide to leave.

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Water refill for 1 peso per liter

#10: Free water Refills

Are in eateries of course, fill in your bottle before leaving. In some places are vending machines, 1 peso per glass of water.

The last part of my funny tips is Take Things Light and Easy, Just Have Fun. You might fear of being rejected, it’s normal as long as you enjoyed trying. If things go wrong and you feel you’re getting attached to strangers or your fellow traveler, release it girl. Your journey must continue.

Nasipit Spring, Sorsogon

Vagabonding in Sorsogon Springs, Bulusan, Sorsogon