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Okay, since I received a tremendous number of inquiries on how to get to Sibuyan island and most of them find the trips so tricky and hard. Actually, going to Sibuyan Island is easy but would usually last for longer hours by sea. Navigating the internet won’t be of big help, since, changes of the trips have occured long time ago, some of the informations have not yet been updated. I am going to reveal the current schedule of trips going to Sibuyan Island.

Sibuyan Island, which is known to be the Galapagos Island of Asia, is well- known to some travellers, the central islet in the Philippine map. Some of its famous surrounding islands are Panay, Cebu, Bohol and Masbate. However, Sibuyan island is one of those considered virgin islands in Philippine archipelago. It has a deep Sibuyan  Sea that surrounds the crescent shaped island.

There is no airport yet in Sibuyan Island. The nearest airport would be in Tugdan on Tablas  Island, but considering  the  easiest way  from Tablas to Sibuyan would be another story, here I have few suggestion of the trip

Once again, it depends where you’re coming from but if you’d ask me about the easiest way, I suggest this trip:

The  Easiest Way Going to Sibuyan Island, Romblon, Philippines ( Batanggas- Sibuyan Trip)

Well, I won’t hinder your wanderlust. You might probably coming from various island but here, if you’re asking me about the easiest way to get to Sibuyan Island, I’ll suggest the Batangas- Sibuyan trip.

Batangas port is 2 hours bus ride from Metro Manila. Buses from Manila to Batangas are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. There are 2 Ways to get to Sibuyan via Batanggas Port Route but the easier is to catch the ferry named “Anabelle”. It goes directly from Batangas port to Sibuyan Island (Azagra Port)

“Anabelle” departs from Batangas port twice weekly ( Thursday and Saturday @ 4pm). Get to Batangas early to secure a ticket. Tickets are available on their ticketing booth and reservation over the internet, I’m afraid isn’t available yet.

From Most Famous Destinations to Sibuyan Island

 How to get to Sibuyan Island if you’re coming from Boracay Island- via Roxas City, Capiz route. A bus from Caticlan ( drop off Kalibo terminal from Caticlan, (100 pesos)) will be 2 hour ride to kalibo. There beside the Landbank is the shuttle terminal going to Roxas City Capiz, (120 pesos). Once you arrive in Roxas terminal, stay away from the chaotic terminal full of drivers that’s dragging you. Instead, ride a tricycle to terminal to Culasi port (8 pesos), then, it’ll be 10 minute ride on a multicab going to Culasi port where the boat for Sibuyan docks. If a driver would offer a direct ride to Culasi port, pay a maximum of 40 pesos (but they usually take advantage of strangers and ask for more). Boat from Roxas City, Capiz to Sibuyan island is a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 8 hour direct journey (350 pesos).

*Schedules are daily except for Monday and Sunday. Usually the pumpboat leaves Roxas 7 in the morning.

How to get to Sibuyan if you’re coming from Masbate – there is a twice a week schedule of boat from Mandaon port,- Sibuyan Island. Mandaon, is a 2 hour bus ride from Masbate City. The schedule of boats are fixed except during typhoon.

* Schedule are on Sunday and Wednesday. Pumpboat usually leaves at 7 in the morning.

How to get to Sibuyan if you’re coming from Manila- use the guide I wrote above (the Batangas- Sibuyan route), it one easiest way to get to Sibuyan Island.

How to get to Sibuyan if you’re coming from Batanggas/Tablas/ Odiongan/ Romblon

This is ferry that’s coming from Batangas port, an hour after M/V Princess Anavelle’s departure (5PM) which is bound directly for Sibuyan Island (Azagra Port). It’s M/V Xenxia or the other one.  So this would be a great option as this leaves daily from Batangas. The fare is a bit more expensive around 900+ pesos. It’s bound until Romblon, Romblon. The first stop would be Odiongan port, around 4 in the morning.

If you’re coming from Tablas Island, better come earlier to the port of Odiongan because the ferry only stays not longer than an hour on the port. Once it arrives in Romblon port, the M/V Quirubin awaits for the passenger bound for Sibuyan Island. It leaves daily too, around 7 in the morning.

How to get to Sibuyan if you’re coming from Lucena City

Okay. This route isn’t that famous to backpackers but just in case you stumble upon this route. This will guide you. There are 2 cargo/ passenger ferries that travel from Lucena- Sibuyan and vice versa. However, the journey usually lasts 3 days on sea, and the schedules aren’t that fixed enough to give you a 100% assurance. Just to aid you with some possible scheds, here it is:

Kalayaan VII- Friday/ Tuesday ( Lucena- Sibuyan)

Kalayaan IX- Monday/ Wed  (Sibuyan – Lucena)

**Subject for a change. Needs a confirmation.


Have you been to Sibuyan??? How did you get there?? Where did you arrive from??? Let us know below……….