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Sweet as a Cambodian’s old culture  is their unusual sweetest and crunchiest deep fried camote I had been longing since I went back to Philippines. “Longing” not “craving” for me is the exact word. It is more than a feeling of homesickness whenever my taste bud remember its yumminess lured over my tongue.

Fried Camote Stall Siem Reap

It was past eleven, after we had a tiring temple visit, a few meters from the place we stay was a local restaurant. Beside the simple Cambodian restaurant is the soft spoken smiling lady who has a bunch of huge rootcrop called sweet potato, or well-known as Camote in the Philippines. My fave snack is also available in Cambodia. That was a good news! I was in a hurry to finish my meal then. A carb to carb diet and who cares? Hah! My heart was filled with joy when I got 2 thousand of Riel, which was equivalent to 20 pesos.

The Cambodian lady who sells the deep fried Camote and deep fried bananas was talking to me in Cambodian term for “Fried camote?” “How many?” “How much?”. But of course my cryptic mind didn’t understand instead I just handed her the money and pointed towards the freshly cooked fried camote.

fried camote lady siem reap

My Favourite Fried Camote

Because of language barrier, I couldn’t ask the lady about how they prepare it to compare it with ours. One thing I observed was they put sesame seeds on the creamy flour or something, and its aroma compliments on its unusual sweetness. Really, it tastes way different compared to what we have in the Philippines. One more bite and I already fell in love with it. Moreover, on our 10 days stay in Siem Reap, I became an avid customer of this sweet Cambodian lady selling this fried camote. When I bade goodbye to this place, as we headed to Battambang, I felt a bit sad because I knew there would never be another sweet deep fried camote like in that lady in Siem Reap, Cambodia.