The Rain in Cambodia

Rain in Cambodia is bittersweet. However, it’s kind of  ‘special’, literally dripping only on constant afternoons. A heavy downpour that only wipes out the dark clouds after which the unbearable heat of the sun takes place again.

I write about the rain with a little not- a literal- rain. For me, rain has a gentle meaning.


This rain is sweet like ice cream. A moment when you feel like you wanted to dance and catch some raindrops. This is me, taking refuge on a small local store.


This teeny tiny raindrops lasted for a longtime. So spending more time on temples are paid off. Let me tell you, I got a warm kiss from the rain!!!!


This makes me smile, why? This is a genuine friendship, one of a kind picture of an enjoyable trip of a lifetime, under the rain. Yet I cannot tell more of it…….


This rain tells me, “The road is boundless, just keep on pedaling”.


And the rain continues….


Sometimes, the rain tastes bitter…


But oftentimes rain makes me hungry of sticky rice and fresh baguettes…


Whatever it is, a Cambodian journey is a breath of fresh air: rain or shine!


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  1. I hate rain, especially when I am on a travel but you.. You appreciate and try to enjoy the company of Mr. Rain. Lol 😀


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