The Ruins of Cagsawa Church, Albay

cagsawa ruins legaspi

How to get to Cagsawa Ruins?

Roughly estimated 8 km from the city, ride a jeepney (P8)  from Legaspi bound to Camalig or any jeepney that passes by Cagsawa junction ( Jump Off area). It will be a 5 minute walk going further until you reach the Cagsawa or you can hire a tricycle (P20). Best time to go is early in the morning when sky is clear and blue, when Mt Mayon’s crater can be seen in the distance.

cagsawa ruins legaspi

cagsawa ruins legaspi

It is located in a small town of Brgy Busay, Cagsawa, Daraga. It used to be a magnificent church with an elegant view of the Mt. Mayon behind it. The church was built under Fray Francisco Blanco and it was only then the bellfry and some other parts remained standing still after the Mayon volcano erupted in 1814, which killed 1, 200 people and the lava flow buried the church.

cagsawa ruins legaspi

cagsawa ruins legaspi

Since then, the people of Daraga has been always reminded how dangerous it is to live near this area. After the large eruption, people refused to live nearby and opted to reside somewhere in Daraga town.

The remants can tell how it survived the lahar and all. The walls and some stones were still there. People in Cagsawa just preserve the though and the looks of the Cagsawa Ruins and served as tourist attraction over time.


cagsawa ruins legaspi

cagsawa ruins legaspi

The weather was quite humid. Especially as I went around 10 in the morning the skies were cloudy. I just sat down for a while and reviewed some photos and took some of  myself around the site.

cagsawa ruins legaspi

mayon volcano from cagsawa ruins

After taking too many photoshoots of my self. I just remember how my dream photo taken since I was a kid. I dreamt of having my DSLR camera and shoot myself exactly as this…and I made  it! Dream come true.

There are some good restaurants around preparing  good local food as well.At the entrance side are souvenirs shop, with reasonable prices for the items. But I didn’t buy, as usual and I headed back to Legaspi after spending 3 hours around.

souvenirs shops at cagsawa ruins legaspi






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  1. Bakit po ganon iba po ang alam ko na legend toguknl sa Mayon Volcano. Ang alm q c Panganoron ang mahal ni Magayon karibal nito si Pagtuga a great hunter & pwerful chieftain from Iriga The story goes like this, Rajah Makusog Magayons father, is not against the two being in loved,instead he give his blessing to the couple. So the wedding is arranged. when d news of the approaching wedding reached Pagtuga, he captive Rajah Makusog to prevent d wedding. He ask Magayon 4 a wife kapalit ng freedom ni Makusog. Syempre lumaban si Panganoron and he slew Pagtuga. But while Magayon was rushing joyously to meet her beloved, a stray arrow caught her at the back. As Panganoron held d dying maiden in his arms, he was struck dead by a spear hurled by Linog Pagtuga’s henchman. That’s why d couple died that same day.



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