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Tinian my New Home.

There is no place like home.

When I think about Sibuyan Island, I think about my home. Yet, change is vital for some reasons that I had to leave my island. And so making my home now is where my heart is. Since I miss Sibuyan, I am fortunate to find just a unique island in the Pacific. A place where I can work, I can play, and a  place where I can still call myself an Island Girl.

Hence, I have found a home in the paradise of Northern Mariana Islands.

Tinian Island, Northern Marianas, U.S.A.

“Taga Beach”

 It pretty sounds like a little homecoming. A fertile land, friendly locals, and rich marine resources. A tiny paradise that is so vulnerable to change. I hope Tinian Island will forever remain as it is right now; quiet, secluded, fertile, unspoiled and incredibly beautiful.

Tinian Island, USA

“Camer Beach”

 Arrived here a couple weeks ago. Though getting here might as well sound as controversial as how I left my island in the Philippines, the more important thing is I finally got here. I rose hopes for my Indian trip dreams however, up until now, I haven’t started intervening on that dream. I have found at least a place to live for a while.

Tinian Island, Northern Marianas, U.S.A.

Amazing Rock formations past Taga Beach

I guess, I became more alive here. There is an indescribable feeling of joy I felt since the first time set my eyes on it. I had been travelling a lot and I just want to laid back and smell the roses for a little while. Though I might not think the possible date when I will be back on the road again, I have a lot of tiny islands to venture in the pacific where I am right now. I think, I am perfectly on a paradise island – my new “home”.

Tinian Island, Northern Mariana

I guess this is “Tachonia Beach” (* I forgot already)

Here I need to find a little bit of myself and raise a little money to outfit myself. When I’m ready, I’ll hit the road again, my trip will be in India. This solo trip that would change me probably. Yet right now, I am currently having a content life in a paradise Island. I walk on the beach while the sun is setting. The nicest of all, I could just pick which local fruit I want to eat for free.

Tinian Island, Northern Marianas, U.S.A.

My jogging area where I can also get young coconuts

I guess I could live here forever. Just like I usually utter whenever I reach a beautiful island yet, you can hardly tell which one is your favorite. This place is in line with those pretty islands I have been.  Here, the weather is perfect, the sun, the sea, the people are just as gentle as the fresh breeze and the miraculously tweeting lullabies of the exotic birds. Awww! A little paradise on earth.

Tinian Island, Northern Marianas, U.S.A.

The  flower of a Flame tree warmths my heart