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Well I think I’ve found my place on earth…. Tinian, a paradise in the pacific!

Landed on a pretty, unique and historical island in the Pacific, the Northern Mariana Islands belonging in the US territory. Currently, I am on a tiny island called Tinian, a place where the Legendary giant man named “Taga” lived. It played a major role during the World War II, the Northern Mariana Islands served as Japanese military base and developed Tinian Island into a developed town.

Tinian Island Northern Marianas

Their approach to converting this pretty island into a modernized city vanished as Americans have won the battle for these group of islands following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan was the start of the fall of Japanese regimen in the Pacific coast.

These bombs who killed lives and dreams, were assembled here on Tinian Island. Now nothing has left in Tinian island but ruins, memories and history.

 Tinian, Northern Mariana Island

Except for its charm is something that remains for a lifetime. I think it is a paradise for me, rich marine resources, fertile land, fresh air and under populated friendly place. Though a very secluded far from partying cities, Tinian island is a place to live a peaceful life. As everyone gets what they want. America has never forsaken the Marianas in fact the federal law took over the Commonwealth of NMI that gave a hope for the residents for a better future.

Tinian, Northern Mariana Island

This is also a home for me. A It’s just a sister of the Philippines. People here are mostly Asian: Bangladesh, Nepal, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and of course mostly Filipinos who seems to have already outnumbered the locals Chamorros and Carolinians. If so, I think I liked it because people speak good English.

Tinian Island snail

I still couldn’t believe I have gone too far here. Tinian has a lot of things to offer. It sheltered a legendary man who is believed to have existed in the 1880’s. Attested by that, until now, the giant pillars of Taga’s house, Taga’s well and latte stones still lives on Tinian, Saipan and Rota Island.