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Travel Guide to Isla de Gigantes with sidetrips off the beaten path. Roads less travelled. Not all your adventures should be scripted. The thrill of discovering some things makes it a great adventure, otherwise, following other’s footsteps makes travelling dull. I don’t know if you feel the same, as for me, I take the path often less travelled.

1. Book to Isla de Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Resort

Booking ahead could give you a guarantee you have a reserved room and everything is prepared for you like food, boat and guide. As for me, I just crashed in to Isla de Gigantes and it was a funny experience! Anyway, this resort won’t disappoint you. Owned by the the tourism officer in Carles, this resort is the most reasonable resort worth staying in Isla de Gigantes. You can find complete details of the resort, tips and what to expect  HERE…Hideaway Tourist Resort


Isla de Gigantes

2. Getting to Isla de Gigantes

Iloilo City to Estancia Port

In Tagbak Terminal, Iloilo are buses to Estancia daily. One straight ride roughly about 2-3 hours. Fare is below 200 pesos. The only thing is you must remember: you must be in Estancia port before 2PM because boat to Isla de Gigantes leaves just once daily. Getting to Estancia , I did it with a side trip to Conception, Iloilo only to have some (mis)adventures with the islands there. I caught a bus to Conception for about 3 hours journey from Iloilo, for less than 200 pesos. *I couldn’t recall. After 3 days, I caught a 15 minute bus ride to Sarah (10- 15 pesos), then another 1  hour travel to Estancia port, by jeepney (40 pesos).

 If you’re coming from Boracay, you can escape Boracay by travelling to Kalibo (2 hours, 100 pesos), then transfer to a van bound for Roxas City (2 hours, 100 pesos). From Roxas City it is just an hour and a half to Estancia by van (65 pesos)!

Isla de Gigantes

Cabugaw Gamay Island, Isla de Gigantes

Isla de Gigantes

Cabugaw Gamay, Isla de Gigantes

3. The Highlights of Your Stay: Island Hopping to 6 Islands

Boats for 2-3 people is 2, 000. Snorkel rent is 50 pesos. That is the most  reasonable Island Hopping I have ever had in my life. Tip: start the island hopping around 7AM. Fear not because the boatmen knows which island should be visited firsts. Like the “Tangke” or the Lagoon must be during high tide so water is deeper. Time span on each island depends on you, however, since it’s 6 islands: My favorite is the Tangke, Cabugaw Gamay and Sand Bar Islands. For snorkeling, San Antonio Beach is the best.

Isla de Gigantes

The Sand Bar Island, Isla de Gigantes

Isla de Gigantes

4. Other Itineraries on Isla de Gigantes

The Light House and Caving

– are some things that I didn’t do but all are included in your itinerary. You and your guide will surely be doing it. They often visit the light house at sunrise so they get a spectacular view of the islands.

Instead, I did a day tour via motorbike around the Local Sights 

Then, I made a side trip to this slice of  paradise,  Pasil Beach  in Isla de Gigantes Sur.

Isla de Gigantes

Pasil Beach

After Isla de Gigantes you can continue your Journey to Sibuyan Island