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It is funny to carry an unusual thing inside our small travelling backpacks. It occupies a little space. Something that we can’t travel without. When I start packing up my things as I headed back to my next road trip, I needed to choose between my swimwear and the small box of Buddha. Gee! With only limited space inside my small backpack, I chose the Buddha!

It’s something that reminds me about our last trip to Thailand. In Thonburi Temple when ‘someone’ bought it for me. (Yeeh) Can’t forget how it was handed to me ” Here one is for you. ” He put it on my palm, said; ” Keep it.

It will keep you safe on your journeys”. On my journeys. It echoed on my mind.

No matter how sad it sounded to me, I kept it. When I went back to Philippines, this small Buddha makes me smile while I’m on a longer bus rides, while I’m on a never-ending like boat rides. Bittersweet! One more moment and my throat would run dry, and my eyes get misty and a tear would fall. It’s always like that. Sometimes I wan’t to leave it at home or throw it outside my cabin, so it’ll be buried in the ocean, but I learned so well–the art of moving on. It’s always like that.

I wondered what my fellow bloggers at Pinoy Travel Bloggers couldn’t leave home without so i asked some of them, and here are their replies:-


Mheanne and her kindleMhe-Anne of  mheanneojeda

“Since I got my Kindle Touch as Christmas gift last December 2011, I can’t travel without this portable ebook reader! I have it loaded with my favorite books to read while waiting for flights or meals to be served, and scriptures and teacher manuals so I can prepare lessons for my Sunday School class whenever and wherever I go. It also has wifi capabilities so I can get access to internet during travels. There’s no room for boredom when I have my Kindle Touch with me! “

journeyingjames and his hammockJames of   journeyingjames

My Hammock because it saves me a lot of money. instead of booking for a room in a hotel or pension house, i can just hang my hammock on the beach. less carbon footprint too




water bottleMissy Penaverde of  Sole of Missy

A water container (in my case is a Nalgene bottle) is one of the things I cannot travel without as water is every human’s basic needs. Buying a bottle of mineral water can cost a lot (Php20.00 per bottle is not a joke) so definitely having your own source of water wherever you go can help you save money! 😀



My headwearRuby Batallones of Antsybee

My Headware.   I am such a fan of headware. 🙂  The piece of cloth can go from a headband to a bandana, to a scarf, to a tube top, to a nose and mouth cover in cold or dusty places, and my favorite: turn it into a wrist band that you can actually use to wipe your sweat off. I sound like an endorser haha.



cable tiesCarla Araniego of  Blissful Guro

Cable wire tie for me. can be used for securing bags, rooms and other stuff. all i need is a small scissors to cut it off when i need to. this topic is fun! 🙂




pinoy adventurista raincoatMervin of Pinoy Adventurista 

my raincoat… kasi baka umulan, since di ako nagdadala ng payong… my raincoat will save me and my things from getting wet… 🙂




Josiah Sicad

Josiah Sicad of Lakas

I can’t travel without a pen and a notebook. I get to see a lot of new things when I travel, this gives me a lot of flashes of ideas. Those flashes are then written into the notebook that I could go back to.




Ryan and a bookRyan Mach of Pinoy Wandering Boy

I can’t travel without a book. There has to be a paperback or a hardbound inside my bag.




 umbrella and shadesArmie Abigania of MiesAdventures

Eto na yung kwento.. :):):)

Umbrella and shades – must have when travelling to places with hot temperature or else sasakit mata then ulo ko or worse ma-trigger skin allergy ko..(Sira na trip pag ganun)
Photo inset: rosary- feeling ko safe ako palagi pag may rosary sa bag.
Medicines – pangontra sa init and incase hindi ko dala umbrella and shades.(Or pag hindi pala magamit ang payong eg; dito sa Italy tatawanan ka pag nagpayong ka during summer.
Shampoo – yung nasa pic ang specific brand and variant/type. Pag iba gagamitin ko kahit same the l’oreal pero ibang variant(tama ba?) Nangangati ulo then rashes na.
-pag short trip lang I put it in a small bottle, gaya nung nasa tabi ng shampoo.
Ointment – for allergy pa rin.
The brown bag is my allergy kit..

Sorry napahaba ang kwento.. Pero suma-total e para sa allergy ko lahat.

Regins KramaRegin Reyno of  Regins Travels

My Krama. Krama is a Cambodian scarf with many uses. It’s so comfy. I use it as a headgear, scarf, towel, face towel, handkerchief, headband and for a more “backpacker look.”




suzette red scarfSuzette Cuerpo of Globe Trotting Life

My red scarf.  My “fashion statement” and its other uses— as as color splash amongst greens or blues or grays hehehe, as a hanky, as a head gear, temporarily relief during sudden temperature change, towel, blanket.



pocket wifiEdgar Co of Pinasuma 

Pocket Wifi. Never leave home without it.Internet/3G. I’d feel so helpless without my internet connectivity

Rojae of  Adventuroj

a wifi stick + power bank = portable wifi that I could bring with me anywhere to stay connected online




charismaLaren Gaile of Epic Potato

says that Charisma is important

It could make or break a trip.
Having a stranger help you out not only reaffirms your faith in
humanity but also gives you one heck of a story to tell.


 Marky Ramone of  Nomadic Experiences

A travel blogger is naked without his camera…This is my camera. There are many like it but this one is mine. My camera is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as i master my life. My camera without me is useless. Im useless without my camera. I must shoot my camera true…

Cris Reyes Galang of  Pinay Thrill Seeker

A flashlight or headlamp – so that I’ll have a light source if ever my feet take me to dark places or if I unintentionally get myself into night trekking. adhesive bandage din pala! kahit sa tabi-tabi lang yung lakad, feeling ko kulang pag wala nun, madalas kasi kung ano-ano nangyayari sa ‘kin e

Mimai Cabugnason of  Sharkmaine

I can’t travel without my blanket kasi namamahay ako haha. But now I can just go with my malong.

Reiza Dejito of  Wander If You Must

Wet wipes. To stay and look fresh after long journeys. 🙂

Jeffery Rilles of  Traveling Morion

aside from camera, cp and cash  ummm 4 to 5 pcs bond paper en ballpen hehehe – to take down notes  laki kc pag notebook taz pwede pang i fold hehehe 🙂

Paul Xsymon Garcia of  Walk Fly Pinoy

a sense of wonder and adventure? no? okay. a book, a notebook, and a pen.

Christine Fernandez of  Jovial Wanderer

Oddly, I feel naked without an alcohol na nakalagay sa refillable atomizer bottle. Dapat green yung kulay ng takip and specifically Hygienix yung brand kasi mabango sya. haha! Most of my trips involve hiking and making love with mud. Sometimes there are no water sources so I just spray on some alcohol to clean myself up 🙂

Joanna Jane Liwag of  Back Pack Chronicles 

I always bring a notebook and a pen whenever I travel. Para if ever na bigla akong may maisip na magandang ilagay sa blog post naisusulat ko agad sya at hindi ko nakakalimutan.

Elal Lasola of Elaljanelasola

I always have a headwear and eficascent oil to overcome my motion sickness while on the road. Haha

Michaela Rodriguez of  Senyorita 

also thinks a Notebook and a Pen is something she would not leave behind.  Dapat yung notebook ko ‘yung Green Apple hehe :))

Glen Santillan of   Escape Manila 

I always bring my Jade menthol Cone. All purpose sya for motion sickness, headache, insect bites etc. I can’t leave without it even for short distance travel.

Brenna Bustamante of  Philippine Travelogue

My laptop and my amethyst necklace

Aleah Phils of Solitary Wanderer

Aside from my camera and netbook, I can’t travel without my Kindle

Melody of Guiltless Getaways 

my sarong na pinangtatakip ko sa unan  para laging alam ko kung ano ang detergent para hindi magkapimples, mas malinis and may barrier sakaling madumi ang unan sa loob

Ish Gagno of  Ishg

Aside from the basics, i bring along a pair of extra-long shoelaces — you never know what you’d need to tie up or repair along the way.  I bring along a pack of cards too, kung sakaling ma-bore lang, and it’s a good way to round up people

Dong Ho of  Escape Islands

My mobile phone. though it is very rare that i wont bring my DSLR camera, my mobile phone will always come to the rescue of capturing events quickly. i can go out without my camera but not without my phone which has a camera.

Andrew Mamangun of  Trippings by Drew

Antacids, spicy foods get me sick easily. And fanny pack, prevents me from losing things 🙂

D J Yabis of  Dream Euro Trip

I can’t travel without my speedos

Catherine Iblan of  Seeking Felicity 

can’t travel without my shades (helps you look decent eventhough you’ve just come from a night of partying), ipod/ iphone (need music in my life) and digicam (to remember my misadventures by) hehehe

Jherson Jaya of  Lonely Travelogue

also says A pen and a notebook  dagdag mo na rin ang map…

Kaiye Pallarco of  The Two Broke Girls 

Shades! Pang cover ng pinaghirapang eyebags!

Jinkee Umali of  Calamba Online

shades, protection lotion, camera, swim wear, iTouch

Daene Luna of  Filipinainflipflops

My iPod – it keeps me company for long bus rides and plane rides with my travel playlists, and movies and TV shows.

Gay Mitra-Emami of  Pinay Travel Junkie

an eyelash curler. curled lashes make me feel like going out (you cannot believe how lazy i am travelwise these days)…

Ron Cruz of   Flip Travels

moisturizer. i feel naked pag walang moisturizer. who would want to travel naked? lol

L a Cabildo of  Discount Travel Blogger

lipgloss and laptop…lipgloss because i just cant live for a sec without it, and laptop because its almost my life…i guess you guys know why

Antonio of  Pusangkalye

my BENCH FIX Styling Stick.mukhang sa TROLLS ang buhok ko pag wala yan.maiwan nang lahat wag lang si Bench Stick! hahaha

Ephraim of  The Adventist Adventurer

can’t travel without PRAYER and a Bible in my bag!

Vincent Tabor

I always bring my smartphone with Bible app installed

Thankyou so much to everyone who replied and told us what they couldn’t travel without.

What else is there?? Please leave comments below…