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On my first night in Baguio, I was wondering if I could afford one more night.

The room that I rented was too much expensive for my budget, and I didn’t enjoy my stay. The place isn’t worth spending most of my travel budget. I needed to compensate for my expenses the following day. My roommate told me, this is an expensive place to stay. I planned to leave the next morning.

baguio village inn


But what is a travel without being into places less travelled. I decided to walk somewhere in the market…and walk straight ahead more, till I reached Magsaysay Road. Found a place. I was surprised its way cheaper and cleaner, cozier than the previous one last night. I filled out the registration form and paid the cashier right away, without any second thought.


baguio village inn

1. Reasonable Rate

More often than not, we used to think that hotels/guesthouses around the city is too expensive, but Baguio Village Inn is an exception. I’ve read from Lonely Planet about the price few years back, I looked at the receptionist with so much astonishment, the price hadn’t changed at all. Prices are as follows:


Main Building

Ordinary Room: (Twin Bed) – P350.00/ person

Room with Bath               – P950.00/ good for 2 persons

Family Room with bath & Cable TV -P 1,650.00/ good for 4 persons


Room with Bath & Cable TV     – P1,200.00/good for 2 persons

Family Room with Bath and Cable TV  -P1,750.00/ good for 4 persons

Family Room with Bath and Cable TV  -P2,200.00/ good for 6 persons

*Extra person  —P275.00

baguio village inn


2. It’s Cozy and Homey

Being a Filipino, I always want to see things that remind us of our culture and folks. But sometimes modernization took place, especially here in Baguio. Yet this place is an exception, its design and architecture is an old Filipino style, reminds me of old house of my late “Lolo”, or Grandfather. Not an elegant place, nevertheless it’s simplicity and modest style, brings the memory of old times, and I felt “at home”.



3. Its Neat and Clean Inside and Outside

A simple house just like “Hak’s House” in Siem Reap, Cambodia, “Soi 11” in Bangkok, Baguio Village Inn is a simple and humble place to stay but it is rest assured that every centavo is worth spending. Everyday, I see the housekeeping patiently mopping the floor and put some wax on it and sweep with coconut shell so it will be shiny, inside the room and even in the lobby.

baguio village inn

Everything is arranged in its proper order. Figurines, indoor Bonsai and indoor plants, paintings, tables, chairs, and couches are meticulously arranged in a very orderly manner. The beds are comfortable, with a decent beddings and bath towel. The room isn’t that wide inside but its wooden surroundings gives a good ambiance and it looks cozy; the ceiling is high plus the weather is cold, this is already a good place for solo/backpackers.

baguio village inn

4. Staff are Polite

Even when a guest looks simple, dress modestly, foreigners or locals; all of them are being treated equally.

5. It’s Location

Located in the heart of the town. Almost took me a 20 minute walk from the Bagiuo Market, a 10 minute ride in a jeepney. It’s just within the city and its easy access to the Market makes it easier for me to walk around.

6. Bathroom is not a Problem

Although it is a shared bathroom ( For my Room of Choice), I notice that the staff assigned to maintain it is doing a good job. Everytime I go to the toilet, its always dry and clean. Men’s and women’s rooms and bathroooms are separated so that’s one thing I liked also.

Toilet and bathroom are also separate rooms. Both contains hot and cold water which is a bonus!

7. The Cafe Inside

Inside is a cafe, which serves good food, which includes both Western and Filipino dishes. Although the price is a bit higher than dining outside, but it’s ok if the budget can afford it. I just liked how they maintain the orderliness of the cafe. It is the simplest I’ve ever seen, yet it looks very nice.

8. Information is within Reach

The staff are very helpful and give good information on how and where to go. The front desk has some listings of schedule of trips wherever you want to go…unlike the previous place I stayed. Terrible place 🙁

How to Get to Baguio Village Inn

Ride a Tranquoville Jeepney in the market (near Mcdonalds/ BPI), or ask someone where the Tranquoville Jeepneys are. Jump off at the junction near church of Iglesia ni Cristo. Then walk 100 meters straight ahead. In front of Protestant Church, is the Baguio Village Inn.

Or just walk straight ahead from the market until you reach Magsaysay Road. It’s just easy. It will take you only about 10-15 minutes to  get there.

Baguio Village Inn Contact Details

Phone:  (+6374) 442-3901

Mobile  0917 5709675

Address:  355 Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City, Benguet  (In front of Protestant Church)